The explanation of TREE of LIFE, or Sumerian Dim-Gal, or the TREE of BOTHY in oldest time in India.
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Author of this novation is Georgian
esoteric writer from Tbilisi Givi
Alaznis’Pireli (see illustration 1).
Ladies or gentlemen. If your aircrafts are flying in the area of the Caucasus, you must know the great secret of the cosmic Nature. Otherwise there are an options to have your planes got in excess shine and there is a chance to turn off the consciousness of the pilots and equipment. Please read about it here. First short information for them, who is busy:
During my interview with one of Georgian astronomers, professor Mr. Victor Japiashvili told me very strange following: more stars are visible from Republic of Georgia, than from other places of the Earth. He told me, in 1930-1940 years this fact has attracted attention of the astronomers worldwide of Americans, Germans... but foreign experts did not give any explanations why far more stars are visible from our Georgia. I personally rechecked this phenomenon of cosmic Space from 23 countries of different continents and it turned out that it really is true. If a cosmologist do not know about it, he/she is not true specialist of this item.
Despite the fact, that Professor reported me about it, believe in it will difficult for either scientists. But that's what's very interesting is more: also informed us Sumerian knowledge and ancient Georgian esoteric wisdom. Let's conduct big experiment to, once and for all, to establish the suitability of the Old Georgian esoteric manuscripts. If we are mistaken with Mr. Victor, then our great ancestors was mistaken too. This is what the essence of offered experiment is...
I do not know, who will become interested in this experiment, Americans or Russians, but thank God, now there is a chance in the world now to carry out this experiment. In particular, I offer astrophysicists of NASA and Moscow Star City to launch from the Earth the space ship with the high-quality photo-devices, mounted on it. The large distance from the Earth does not suit us, but the flying device by all means should leave the limits of last layer of the atmosphere – Ionosphere, to give the scientists not the slightest chance to insist that huge amount of the stars, observable from the Georgian ground, is only the consequence of rarefying of the atmosphere.
Prior to the beginning of shootings of the darkened sky, the cosmic aircraft should stop, i.e. “to hang” in space so that be in night area within the whole 24 hours. The experiment is desirable to begin at 3:00 of Tbilisi time and the first picture of the night dome of the sky shot in the star space above Georgia should be made from the most volumetric camera angle. This is most important in this experiment. The following photo-picture should fix the sight on similar scale in an hour, at 3:00 at night, when in Tbilisi it is already 4:00 of the dawn. In spite of the fact that at this time the flying device is in the state of hanging in the space, is not moving, then in connection with rotation of the Earth around its imagined axis, the ship will involuntarily appear above the following meridian, approximately.
One more hour after, i.e. at 3:00 at night the photo-camera will record the following picture... And so on. When the cosmic aircraft comes down to the Earth and before us a complete daily picture of an arrangement of the stars per each hour appears, the today's mankind will appear to face the grandiose novelty: the quantity and quality of the stars, stretched in the sky, keep changing within 24 hours in view of their radiation – within the first 12 hours it decreases, and is then increased; or on the contrary, in the beginning it increases and then decreases. It depends on whether the experiment starts from the sky above Georgia or on the side of the Pacific Ocean. I would like to specify one detail: within 24 hours the stars do not die away and are being born, there is they become active or passive. It necessarily causes amplification or easing, on the return part of the round World, of the energy emanating from the stars. As an example I offer you two photos in the background of the night sky shot by NASA Hubble: this is how it was possible to reproduce visually active or passive state of any of the stars (see illustrations 2 and 3 here).
Let’s admit, the scientists have really decided to re-check my conclusions, but they were not proved to be true. It is possible in two cases: either the false photo-materials will presented, however this is excluded on the part of the scientist, or the truth will hidden by the representatives of worlds' political and economical elites, on one of the reasons, the world in essence is not ready for the greatest innovations! They are afraid, Old Georgian cosmogony knowledge will destroy the present scientific thinking of our Planet. I have told what I think. Now the word is upon them.
Let's say it all really. What is this phenomenon? And now I will tell more widely for those interested in that… (the interview with Professor Victor see below).
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In 1989, on crossing of the 42° parallel and of the 43° meridian, between two seas, in the territory of Georgia, in Kharagouli area, near a small village among the mountains Epicenter was found, where the cosmic-metaphysical Axis is projected towards the Earth. It appears that in Georgia this natural phenomenon named “Sveti-Tskhoveli” (the Column of Life) has long been known, which in Sumerian understanding carried the name “Dim-Gal” (Large Axis), and in Old and New Testaments of the Bible is used as “Tree of Life”, the essence of which is unknown up to the present day. Now I shall try to find out what phenomenon is that, which puts modern scientific outlook from upside-down.
Proceeding from the kept until now ancient knowledge of the mislaid civilizations, World (i.e. the Universe) had majestic “Axis”, super-energy of which during 24 hours alternately experiences the state of becoming active and passive. When it is in a phase of activity, in Georgia there comes midnight. By explanations of distant ancestors, the holiest secret of our Planet, i.e. the most principal reason of a civilization is hidden in that place of the Earth, the greatest amount of stars whence is looked through (!).
It is difficult to assert that the course of development of conversation can immediately be easily perceived. That, what I shall start expressing my opinion about below, is not visible by an eye, has no taste, is not put into any concrete form, is not long, is neither round, nor square, but does exist. Let's observe under what synonyms this phenomenon of space was known in the ancient world: “Tree of knowledge“, “Tree of consciousness” and “Pillar shining” (from Old Georgian wisdom); “Tree Chinari“, “Poplar” and a “Heavenly Cedar” (in Old Svaneti, a part of Georgia); “Tree-Mother” and “Jari” (in Old west Georgia. In megrelian “Ja” – Tree, “Ri” – “Li”, i.e. “Tree of Li”); “Raja” (Tree of Light in India); “Tree of Messu” – “Dim-Gal” (in ancient Sumerian, this means the great Axis of the World); “Tree of Li” (in Old China); “Tree of Both” (or “Bothy” in ancient India of Buda epoch); “Tree of Tamarind” (in ancient India, epoch of Krishna); “Tree of Iggdrasil” – “Cosmic Tree” (in one of the encyclopedias of Masons); “Tree of Wisdom” and “Tree of Paradise” (from the Old Testament); “Tree of Amadri” (from Old Greek myths); “Tree of perfection” (again from Old Georgian esoteric wisdom); “Gish-qurin-Enqi-qe” – “Tree of Eagle-Enqi” (from Sumerian mythology); “Sacred Tree of Abzu” (or “Absu”, also Sumerian); “Sacral Tree – Ashvatha” (from “Rig Veda”, ancient Indian mythology); “Tree of Heavenly height” (the Polynesian mythology); “Tree of Life”, “Life-giving Pillar”, “Pillar of Life”, “Tree of Eden“, “Mother-Pillar” (from Old Georgian mythology); “Tree of Oak” (in Russia of the past centuries), and, finally, we come across in the Bible also “Tree of Liban” (or “Lebanon”. The names are borrowed from “The Dictionary of mythology”. See comments to the words “Tree of Life” and “tree”).
The existence of a mental Axis of the Universe – Tree is so indisputable for the man that let’s observe, the Bible names this phenomenon “Tree of Life”. It appears that not only life of the man depends on it, but also the ability to consciousness and sub-consciousness, perception and conclusion, thinking and judgment, vision and judiciousness; it says it determines also the steps, stages of super-development of the man. Probably, that’s why this phenomenon referred to in Old Georgian texts also as “Tree of knowledge”. Proceeding from this, it is possible to assume that Tree certainly served as an impulse to any great discovery and event in the field of spirit. As soon as the contact of the man with Tree has been interrupted, see what our present generations have turned into. The reader, probably, will be surprised, but that world-famous clairvoyant Nostradamus informs about great Tree in his 95th prophecy: “Perished and withered in the old time, Tree will blossom again at one of the nights” (see the book “Prophecies of Nostradamus”. In Georgian. Publishing house “Khelovneba”. 1991, page 83). It is, probably, understandable that his words concern not a tree, which grows in the wood. So what do we deal with?!
As a result of twenty years' study ancient “geocentric model of the World”, I have come to a strange conclusion that if the great connoisseurs of the past are right and the Earth really is the Centre of the Universe, i.e. its most important planet, in this case the stars are not at all heated gas and nor self-lighting objects. As they say, each star is a spiritual crack, through which the extremely heated plasma embracing the black and cold space of the space penetrates. That is what we seem to see at night as luminous stars flickering in the sky. If it is truly so, then by all accounts, proceeding from their properties, the beams of motionless stars, beating out of “cracks” into the black cosmic space, should accumulate in one special site of the Earth, due to which the qualitative visual perception of numerous stars is possible by an unaided eye only from some one place.
I admit frankly, my reader, that in the beginning I skeptically shared the conclusions of ancient people about such rather strange interpretation of stars and for some time I did not think about them at all. But when in my consciousness the ancient model of uniform space of the cosmic space proceeding from the knowledge of ancient people was finally established, only then I was convinced that their notion on the star system is correct, because everything else cannot convince and does not cause trust. In any sense, I plucked up my courage and I proclaimed in 1990 through Georgian press: from other regions of the Earth we could not see at night such amount of stars, as at night from Georgia of Caucasus. Though there were not many who have believed in this.
For re-checking such concept of the ancient, to be convinced in absoluteness of conclusions, I have managed to make short, as far as the financial opportunities have allowed me, independent travel and has gone round 23 countries on different continents. Whichever country I have visited, whoever I have met, whatever I have experienced; in some places I lived for months and have long observed the star sky. I found out that from not a single of these objects more than 100-150 stars can be counted! By the way, it is not a joke. So, the idea grasping me gradually began to acquire real outlines and I have come to a conclusion that our great ancestors were not mistaken. The years have passed…
One of the research institutes of Russia expressed interest in this issue. They have decided to check up the assumption of the Georgian no-professional researcher and I was taken to Moscow. We have travelled a little in some areas... By the way, not only scientists, but also high-rank militaries participated in this strange experiment; however, the sky of Russia in this plan is not special. Many from these persons have visited Georgia and personally were convinced of this anomaly of our sky. They were surprised, but it is a fact: from not a single object of observation are so many stars visible, as many as are seen from our ground! Further they have issued in Moscow I volume of my five-volume book under the name the "Greatest Discovery of the World”.
Why from Tbilisi at night such set of stars is not visible? – they kept asking me. The answer is simple: it is caused by strong pollution of the sky above our city. Though, as soon as one drives a little off it that ... what a surprise, at cloudless, moonless and fogless night thousands of shining, tenderly luminous objects look at us from the sky. Nowhere else one can see such a picture, besides they seem so “close”. What occurs far from Georgia... The destiny gave me a chance after some years to visit the USA. The very first night I peered into the heavens there. – My God! – I am surprised and I ask the companions – where in the sky are strong stars? Where all of them have at once disappeared?! To my surprise there was no limit, only a few were hardly twinkling.
In a week we were already going with a two-day permit for seeing the Niagara waterfall. On the way we had an opportunity to peer at the night sky from the site without street-lamps. At one of stops we came to the dark-enclosed river. Imagine, not plenty of stars were seen from there either. I was amazed!
And in Africa we did not see in the sky as many stars as they crown the sky here in Georgia. We have visited the desert of Sahara also, you see there is not present the street-lights. Why from Africa we cannot see as many stars as the sky in Georgia is overfilled with? Someone now explains this reality in the sense that in the USA a fog and clouds with weak concentration have impeded us. But this reason should be rejected because now in Egypt the fact of presence of clouds of any kind all the year round is absolutely excluded, as it rains there only once, in January and we were in Egypt in September.
How can this hypothesis be re-checked? It seems to me there is no need either in observatory, or extremely large sums for re-checking this. It is enough for those, who in the near future plan to go abroad to look at the night sky. It is also possible to ask acquaintances in different countries to do this out of town, in cloudless weather and in the moonless days. I think, in distant foreign regions it will be possible to count no more than about hundred luminous objects. Nearer to the East the amount of stars is increasing. As for the heavenly dome above Georgia, still Ioane Batonishvili (1768-1830) noted: with an unaided eye at night up to 2600 stars are visible above it (the book “Khumarscavla”, volume II, page 264).
Now let’s appeal to an explanation of essence of stars by the scientists: “Stars – heated, consisting of gas, self-luminous heavenly bodies” (“Georgian Encyclopedia”, volume IV, page 305). Let’s admit it is so. With the help of sound logic and we shall formulate two primitive questions: 1) If by considerations of the experts all stars are the heated gas and each of them is a self-luminous object, why their beams do not shine equally at least in the territories of Africa and America?! Within 20 months I have been observing the night sky in different states of the USA; 2) What kind of exception the ground of Georgia should be that the stars from the sky in it look on it more than on any other region of our Planet?! In such a way and in all cases we shall found ourselves in semantic impasse, as probably, the stars in any way are not self-luminous heavenly objects.
Is there any proof that metaphysical Pillar of the Universe is mostly being projected on the mountains of our Georgia and just it is the main reason of a civilization of the Earth?!
Fact 1: Wincler considers: “In olden times the steeled weapon was brought to Egypt from the country in the east of the Black Sea” (M. Shengelya. “Most ancient Iberian-Caucasian medicine”, page 22). Really, in the process of studying the history of development of the mankind the presence of some higher institution was noted on the eastern coastline of the Black Sea, which kept amazing the entire world with its knowledge and revelations. But for modern historians the reason of existence of such school here is alien and is not clear. Meanwhile, it becomes clear that the first push to development of the mankind was just the Pillar of Life, being itself nervous system of the Earth! Probably, it is already understandable, the Earth was considered by our ancestors as alive organism. This means that, proceeding from the laws of nervous system, with the help of nerves the organism feeds on meta-field and perceives from the outside its spiritual frequencies. In this case the meta-field comes to the Earth because of the Universe and each nerve of this huge alive space is being projected in “skull” of the Earth (I shall tell you about it in more details in following numbers of this newspaper). And this latent region of our Planet represents the underground space under Caucasus (see fig. 3). Look at this illustration (it is borrowed from the book “Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Qabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy”. The author Manly Palmer Hall): round space, its central support – a huge tree (!), I think the space Tree of Life is implied here. But as in its essence it is metaphysical and cannot be perceived by the eye, and the modern mankind does not know anything about existence of invisible substances in the other world, an ordinary tree is represented here according to the tradition.
Fact 2: whatever Old Georgian literary source I have appealed to, everywhere I found out mysterious Tree mentioned in them, though usually it is enthusiastically talked about, it is being exalted, it is described as the surprising and amazing phenomenon. Once I happened to familiarize with the text of Ioane Batonishvili, in which he tells about certain Tree having powerful gift of regeneration, the very approach to which leads to instant regeneration of the wounded or disease-affected skin cover. It seems difficult to believe, but nearly the same is informed in some ancient Georgian spiritual texts. If only people knew about improbable possibilities of the Tree, it would be possible to attribute them not to the reality, but to the fantastic dream of the man. But it is surprising that the animals also felt and used it. I shall remind a fragment from the book “Khumarscavla”: “This Tree has become the reason for us to find God and the sign for converting into His belief, christening, for it was doing such miracles, that the wounded animal, having touched the Tree, was immediately cured. The same was with the diseased, exhausted birds, which came to life” (book I, page 102, in Georgian). It is possible to imagine what this Tree is, if one approach and touch to it was enough for complete cure.
Fact 3: the idea came to my mind that in that part of the Earth, into which Tree of Life is being projected, all leaders of our story should find eternal peace and their bodies should be buried there after death. Such place, certainly, should be ground of Georgia in connection with projection of Tree of Life here. In spite of the fact that I think all Georgian kings knew about secret of Tree of Life, not all of them decided to make a will to be buried near the space Pillar. For example, this is what one can read about a great Pillar in one of the Old Georgian texts: “Pray for yourself to a Pillar descending from above and to a sacred cross erected in heavens...” (from the article in the journal “Mnatobi”. No. 5. 1991, page 132). It is told in it: “King Mirian was not buried here not because he did not wish to find eternal peace near miraculous Pillar, but because he could not decide this” (page 133). It is more curious and important here that the secret of a wonder-working Pillar and its place being in Georgia has been already in the III century. In spite of the fact that nobody could prevent the king in his life to select for his future eternal peace an abode near the Pillar, he refuses to have the ashes be buried under the canopy of the great space phenomenon, he cannot decide. Pay attention as to how strong with our ancestors is worship to life-giving Pillar.
This is what the king himself says about it in the book “Life of St Nino”, in the preserved vast list (ibid): “With the help of numerous people I have erected a stone upper temple for myself, for the lower church was called Holy of Hollies, and I could not decide on my will to open its gates, and on Sunday and in days of sacred holidays and no one from the clergymen was courageous enough to pray inside it, for the fear of all before the wonder-working Pillar was great. And all only looked at a great Pillar as at the will and power of God... And I failed to decide to cut the ground for my tomb, to have my flesh buried in it, because if there was in me any sin, not to appear with it”. Isn’t it possible after such convincing historical evidence to deny the real fact that the Pillar, connected with God, is in Republic of Georgia.
I shall offer, in connection with this issue, my own conclusions and I shall give answer to two main questions: firstly, why it is so that such a great amount of stars is visible just only from Georgia; and secondly, why the night observer has the impression as if in Georgia they are closer. So...
Let’s admit we are in a theatrical hall. There is a performance going on. It is dark on the stage. On the producer’s plan only the main character will be lighted. Thus the camera angle of the lighting device, hidden behind the side scenes, is narrowed thus, as it is shown on illustration 4. How do you think, on whom light will fall most of all? Certainly, on the main hero, but penetrating beam of the light will be also seen by each spectator, though it will be hardly seen... The same occurs in large scales in relation to stars, and the main object of heavenly system in this case is the ground of Iberia (the old name of Republic of Georgia), for, our territory is an area of a projection of the central beams of almost all the stars. Just this is biblical Tree of Life. That’s why the star beams in other regions of the Earth are so weak, and while observing heavenly dome from Georgia, one can see a lot of stars with brighter luminescence. Thus, I see no other way than to kneel before the cosmogony knowledge of the past epoch, from which geocentric thinking of the ancient people should have grown, and to study much from its so-called by “erroneous” conclusions.
Isn’t it possible to find other, better facts for re-checking of the similar assumptions?! Along with the course of conversation with the Georgian astronomers only now it was found out that this heavenly anomaly was known for our and foreign scientists still in the XX century, but they explain this reality discharging of an atmosphere above Georgia. One of our scientists, employee of research institute, Professor Victor Japiashvili, during my interview with him, told me the following (the text is accented by me)
Still in the end of the XIX century a small telescope was brought to Abastumani from St. Petersburg and put on one of the mountain slopes of Kanobili, from which observations were made over the so-called ‘transient stars’. Two-three stars, one beside another, are shining at that time. When transparency of the atmosphere is low and in this connection visibility is weakened, they merge together and it is quite possible that some stars, located one beside another, perceived as one. But if the transparency is high, it is possible even to measure distances between the close located heavenly bodies. However, it is amazing that: the SIMILAR PICTURE OF SPACE CAN BE OBSERVED FROM GEORGIA ONLY. In those years the information about it was widely published. The fact has attracted attention of the astronomers worldwide – of Americans, Germans... The foreign experts came to a conclusion: there are perfect conditions near Tbilisi. The astronomers gave no explanations on why far more stars are visible from Georgia than from other places of the Earth”. As we see, the professor could not conceal the fact that from the Georgian ground the stars are more visible, in connection with which already in the beginning of the XX century, with the purpose of photo-shooting of the star sky, the foreign experts kept coming to Georgia.
As the scientists still have attributed anomaly, connected with the night stars, to exceeding norm rarefying of the atmosphere. But it is not so. Sorry! By the way, besides that this invisible Pillar of the Universe causes such strong earthquakes from under Caucasus, at the level of atoms I have calculated and I am sure: the expected great space process connectedness at Nibiru will be connected to this anomaly of the sky, about which I shall tell gradually.
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