Sensational postulate of the Georgian esoteric writer Givi Alaznis’Pireli on popular language for all physicists and reasonable people:

At A. Einstein was asked how the great discoveries are made. He answered: “For example: everyone knows, something is impossible. But then someone ignorant appears who does not know that it is impossible, and makes it”. Imagine, this time such has taken place with me. This is the answer on today’s popular question why a life is ill. It was founded on the basis of ancient Indian Sanskrit texts. I do not afraid to say, if a physicist or astronomer does not know the origin-history of cosmic space, what happened in the World in last millenniums, they are not true specialists of these items, long time will locked of knowledge and they are not able to form a new physics. And so...

The discovery which you start to understand today, really carries a sensational character. About this strange postulate, which is new thinking and stage of modern physics, has already been published in the Georgian, Russian and American-Russian press under the sub name “Revolution in Physics?”. One Georgian meta physicist Murman Djokhadze divides my postulate and he has declared about this in Georgian and Russian press in following manner: “Givi Alaznis'Pireli has put forward such ingenious theory, that for it even the Nobel Prize does not suffice”! I know, he is not an authority today for the foreign reader to trust him completely. Therefore I have decided to address world’s physicists and meta physicists of different countries about the fact that the greatest secret of a nature is discovered by me: the real origin of the light, about which apparently our ancestors knew perfectly.

Once... – it was, is remembered, by autumn of 1995, – I have come to Murman Djokhadze home with hope, that he rather skilled meta physicist of Georgia and has acquainted him with the contents of one of my new concepts under the name “Secret of disclosed space”. This new subject concerned secret of a lightning, fireball and conclusions in this connection by the natural phenomenon. Business in what...

Old Indian religion texts remind us that four statuses are marked at the World: 1) Satya-Yuga – most lightened epoch; 2) Treta-Yuga – slightly darkened epoch; 3) Dvapara-Yuga – clearly darkening epoch; and 4) Kaly-Yuga – our epoch, when in whole cosmos is completely dark. Please, pay attention how gradually space darkens under the story of Vedas. This means, that the magnetic lines of whole World lost active vibrations gradually too. The result: Indian spiritual texts also remind us that nowadays the “Highest energy is covered with lowest energy” (the book “Doctrine of Shry Chaytan”. Published on Georgian language, page 113. Sorry, I have not English version of this book). Apparently, if nowadays the space is reigns by the Great night, i.e. the darkness and cold (here the final stage the Kaly-Yuga is meant), necessarily somewhere also should exist the Great day of Satya-Yuga, where everything there shines. But where is today the big light of the Satya-Yuga? Where is so-called Great day? The answer exists: as we learn from Sanskrit texts, today the Satya-Yuga exists in other time, in the parallel world as in the past, so in the future since time is also round. (Note: as my esoteric texts considers real existence in the World of two suns, with the purpose of the best analysis the visible sun in the texts is written from a lower case letter).

Frequently it was necessary to notice, that the interlocutor can not at once understand essence of Great night and is confused. It is represented to someone, the night dominates only then, when is not visible the sun. Sorry, but it not so. I will present now the illustration (fig. 1), on which you can see visible the sun and Earth, covered on the part of the sun and simultaneously perfectly dark environ­mental space of Great night in which are all other planets too. As you can see, the Earth on the one hand is covered by beams of the sun, but height of its light is about 30 km from a surface of the Earth. It is a “day”. But look in parallel and you will convinced, all this area of cosmic space is covered with deep impenetrable darkness even then, when the sun shines there. However, despite of quantity and volume of solar light in the World dominates now Great night with minus 273.15 temperature, which has gradually replaced the Great day of the very far past. In summary the very hot field of Ether of all space was cooled.

Let's imagine that we managed to turn arrows of hours back and we together with time are carried in the past. It is difficult to believe, but than further we’ll are moved in the past, more in the World some super light will arrives for us. And very long ago the whole World are shining. If we again turn arrows of hours to the right, return to present time. How will we prove that than further we go to past there is more light in World? Primarily two scientific facts: about 600 years ago Greenland was not an ice. And more: in 1960-1970 years, when I was in school, physics teacher taught us that there is the minus 272 C in cosmic space. Then in 1980-1990 the temperature of all dark space dropped and it was minus 273. And in 2000, when I was in USA two years, one of cosmologists wrote in the American press that the temperature in cosmic space has dropped more to minus 273.15 C. This is the scientific fact that my theory is close to reality.

Now religious facts: according to the Bible approximately 7500 years back Adam and Eva still are alive. The question arises – why, i.e. why the people in ancient times did not die, even if this were occurring somewhere in the dimensions of Edem (or Eden). What was happening on the Earth? There should be a logic answer to this question. Logically a being does not die only in super light. The answer to this question already exists: in that oldest time in the space is dominated by the super light of Satya-Yuga. That is why Adam and Eva did not die. Probably it is clear to everyone that I am not talking about solar light. Hereby I offer you the second fact which should prove that more we recede back in time, the more light is in the whole World:

The modern reasoning recognizes that the medicine began to develop when the development of a man itself activated, but this is a big error. On the contrary, the medicine was developed only because the space darkened, the man became weak and his body was penetrated by the illnesses of black space. It is necessary to repeat that if we shall recede back in time, the more light is in the whole World. It means, that more light there is on Earth, healthier and long live is the human being. And when the space started to be dominated by Kaly-Yuga... – which took place approximately 5000-4000 years ago, – body started to experience shortage of a white super field and various illnesses started to appear and as a result men were forced to address the nature for help and use plants for medicine. Behind the help to a nature and to use as medicines various plants. This is the truth of the past.

Here is the third fact: according to each man, years of his childhood and youth are morally cleaner and higher than subsequent ones. I have not met a person who would assert that our present life is morally purer, than former. This is a real logic and senseless to deny. In general it is time to acknowledge that reading ancient manuscripts and books is a pleasant process because we are in contact with super light, which reigned in space some tens of centuries back. So, we are not correct to think, that a man created book only when he to developed. No! On the contrary we had to create the book only because in the Space and on the Earth certainly, the super light decreased and because of the loss of excellent memory man was forced to write down the super knowledge so that it would be preserved for following generations. Thus, our ancestors perfectly knew that more the time passes, there is lesser spiritual light remaining on the Earth and around us. I think that the meaning of Russian prophecy the “End of Light” is the concept of disappearance of super light of the very past world.

Millenniums have passed. And when man was deprived of natural ability to pass thoughts on a long distance, we created phone; lost the ability to lift heavy objects by force of a sight, was created elevating machine; became nostalgic about space and invented a space shuttle. So, we are brought up incorrectly; we have incorrect knowledge of the past; we are not taught appropriately. Frequently asked questions – where are a men of oldest times?! Where are their Leaders and great cosmic knowledge?! – We are here now, you are here today, but do not remember our reincarnations without super lights of Satya-Yuga. That is why until there is no an explanations, who is God or why was built the pyramides. Yes, but what has all this in common with a secret of lightning?!

When during the lightning the sky is split and certain other light is transparent from the crack, this is super light of the far past. I.e. at the moment of discharge of the accumulated energy in the clouds, there is an instant combustion of that part of the Great night, in which the lightning was formed because of what light of Great day has time to be highlighted for one instance. At this moment the Ether containing in it the cold and darkness is opened... (remark for physicists: I know, by Old Greeks Ether was a hottest super energy, filling by itself the whole World of the far past. But as on an extent millenniums the Ether gradually lost the light and has cooled down, nowadays I consider it as a gloom filling all space modern World’s area).

Question: if in our time there is no Great day, how do the clouds today find positive charge from it? The answer: the past cannot be imagined this way, as if it completely has ceased to exist. It seems that super light of Satya-Yuga and its heat hide in other dimensions of the space. Despite of an almost complete absence of the Great day nowadays, the negative charge, which has accumulated in clouds, gropes the world of super light, i.e. of the past times and is discharged at one of its sites. This causes instant unload, emission, instant drain of a part of Great day from highest dimensions to our time, perception of which we, living in present, have enough time to see it.

From the point of view of scientists, the lightning is generated within the clouds only... Yes, it is so. But I consider that in the clouds only black, negative charge accumulates, this is why the clouds in such moments are black. And the positive pole is outside of Great night, in Great day, or in former light which is not seen in our time because of its passivity.

Look at illustration 2: if for example we'll manage to penetrate into cosmic darkness by fingers and to pull out from the dark at least in two places black fluids, as it is shown on this picture, into the dark field will be penetrated the super light of huge power. This is how the phenomenon of light appears in our world. Coming from the depth of Ether, the radiation of light is heated and has super properties. For example, put in such jet of light the matter immediately loses hardness, which it had before and transfers into a state of dematerialization. The science does not have a real explanation of this phenomenon.

When the electrician works on the metal with the electrowelding device, there is a dazzling ultra-violet light (see fig. 3). I should offer you one more surprising conclusion that at the moment of contact with weight of electrodes, the cold Ether’s field is deeply split, or let’s call it the Ether liquid which causes the light of the Great day to break through! This is why the flare contains the high heat ultra-violet beams and brightly shines. The metal in this moment experiences the influence of light which penetrated the cold Ether crack and as a result primarily it is heated. At the same time influence on metal makes super measurement of light and as a result the metal is exposed to dematerialization. We speak about this process as of “liquefaction of metal”. Actually it did not liquefy but simply lost its inherent properties as a result of dematerialization. That's all. Similar processes constantly proceed at ignition of a match, kindling of fire, at short circuit of electricity, at a fire etc. But in different cases the space is opened on different depth. So, this is my new postulate according to which “any light with heat occurs in this world from the parallel world, from far past. Modern cosmic space absolutely does not have its own light and heat itself”!

How else may the cold Ether be disclosed? It is possible to open Ether liquid with laser beam, which may dissect anything it passes (see fig. 4). But the laser beam does not dissect a matter itself but only serves as a “pipe” through which the super light from the parallel world passes.

Between other, there is one such secret and sacral place on the Earth, where Ether's expanse is disclosed eternally. It occurs inside our planet. There all always, appears, shines... Where there are oldest super Civilizations of Babel (Babylon), Lemur, Atlantis, Shambala is kept... This place under Caucasus (fig. 5). See more information about it:

And now recall a burning candle or look at the offered here illustration (fig. 6). The candle is lit, it’s bright around it. But are you sure that this candle that illuminated the surrounding? No, this is not the case, it is not right, only seems so. In reality flame of a candle destroys darkness of space and its place is taken by dormant light of the parallel world. So it is desirable to remember that the LIGHT is SHINING, not the fire, these are two different substances. The flame of fire is only an elastic window to the parallel world. Apparently the light which for example has illuminated a room, exists always, but Kaly-Yuga’s super pressure on it is so great nowadays, that the former light in comparison with black darkness renders weak and is not visible. This is why it is so dark in the cosmic space. This is what the texts of ancient Indian shepherds remarked: “highest energy is blocked by energy by lowest”. If the ancient texts give us such information, it is not clear for me, why modern physics called an invisible super energy as "Dark energy"?! There is no logic, we are today in dark World.

Here is one more interesting detail of my “Theory of disclosed space”: the physicists know and it is the fact, that the fireball which is a round luminous object, most frequently seen during burst of a thunder and lightning. This phenomenon is so strange, until now the scientists do not know the logic mechanism of its occurrence in the world. I am ready to offer you one more opinion according to which if not a crack in the sky during the lightning, in our world there would be no fireball. Probably, in this moment the fireball escapes from the depth of the parallel world, and this is the episode of Satya-Yuga. Certainly, the reason of the photons and an electromagnetic fields about all subjects also is the active field of different epoch. But what way they occur nowadays in our world, about it larger is present in five volumes of my book under name “Great discovery of the world” (four volumes was published in Tbilisi).

How to present the white and black worlds together, simultaneously, and so that white settles under black? For this purpose I ask you once again to look at the image here of burning candle. For it two extreme colors of a spectrum are used. Look, as a flame of a candle burns out black fluids and as a result white is seen through black and it even seems to us that it is possible to “sink” a hand in a white field. Now I ask to involve all your imagination and look again at the image of a candle and steadfastly peer in the area of flame. Look: the luminescence proceeds even through the depth of a paper (look long). Or imagine that the white color settles down behind a black background of figure, under black.

And now look at the image of a lightning (fig. 7), look narrowly at a crack, formed by it, inside, in white. That is the superlight of Satya-Yuga. So, space is such, that whatever field of color in it is active; and what kind it is, same kind we are. Today all cosmic space is black, since it is Kaly-Yuga that dominates the World. That the spiritual light which has to feed our sub-consciousness – memory of the soul is almost expired. And you say that morals of mankind fell? But why blame us! This is the first reason of world’s very aggression, because the positive energy decreases each day. However opportunity of rescue of mankind is present. So, the main question, why a life is sick, the answer thus: because the electromagnetic lines of whole World lacks strong vibrations. Expected even worse and I think is approaching international hysteria to our planet.

Last question: all the same it is not clear to may – if the super light existed sometime, how we see today its reflection at the moment of shining of a lightning? – The largest secret of a lightning is in that, does not submit to time and it shines from a completely different past epoch.

*       *       *

This concept was published in the newspapers in Georgia:

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(there is a long list).


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