Great Novelty about Real Reason for Strong Earthquakes

great News for mr. ms. about the Hollow Earth, lost Civilizations, and the oldest Egyptian sacred Sun "RA".
hello from mystical Georgia. Thank you for consenting me for virtual friendship. Good to know you. Keep in touch.
I'd like to present excellent information to you. If you are in reincarnation, you are sure to understand my esoteric posts, whereas disposable people fail to realize it.
When you have some free time, please watch the parts of my documentary “Lost Babylon” in English. Three topics are developing simultaneously.
First: the real reason for strong earthquakes was identified.
Second: where does the soul go through a long black tunnel after the death of the body. In my opinion, during this period the soul passes through the Dipole of the Universe and finds itself in the space of the Proton of our Universe.
And the third one: according to the ancient knowledge, the biblical promise “Descent of the Lord's Sword from Space down to Earth”, so-called by Sumerian “Nibiru” is expected on the territory of the Republic of Georgia. Considering modern physics and ancient Georgian versions of the Bible, I am trying to convince the people of the world that nothing threatens other countries in this regard, and it is desirable, that their societies be at peace.
Now I would like to know who will be more interested in my video conversations, English-speaking people or Russian-speaking people of the world.
Best wishes, producer & director,
esoteric writer Givi Alaznis’Pireli
from the Republic of Georgia
(Second part):
What is our Universe like?

Please, go here. There is the link to my documentary under the name "Lost Babylon":


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