Great Novelty about Real Reason of Strong Earthquakes.

Present-day world is being flooded by the novelties, due to which a man feels tired and has turned to informational fasting. That’s why I don’t exclude that you won’t read this topic to the end. I consider, unless the specialists in seismology, physics, astrophysics, geophysics, Atlantis studies, Egyptology, Sumerian studies and Esotery, etc, do not immediately learn this, the modern knowledge will fail to leave the deadlock of thinking and will dispel far worse. Excuse me. I am still offering a short content to those, who do not have much free time. This is what I have determined in result of long study and analysis:

Exceedingly negative charge of hydrogen sulfur substance is accumulated in the Earth’s Core. There is also Plasma of very positive phase in the centre of the Core, which in old Egypt was called “Ra”, and time and again the strongest discharge takes place between them. It is just what causes strong earthquakes. It seems, this generates all of a sudden the energy of enormous amount inside the Earth. Before that, until the supreme Plasma bursts out of its borders, seismological devices fail to fix its emanation, because super-luminescence of “Ra” is wrapped around by the fatal black field of H2S substance. To better comprehend this latent process, you can observe visual image I have prepared on the computer (please, see this illustration). Thank you.The questions: can we save ourselves? Is there a way to somehow alleviate the underground great charges at nearest time? Yes.

It has become clear in parallel why we sometimes see in the sky a “second sun”, which soon disappears. The Internet is full of such information, in the site search window you can write “two sun”, and then get familiarized with it. This time I suspend here my narrative in different languages because I have no money to pay for translation. I am so sorry. See my articles in English language in regard to the mentioned underworld here or on my FB page:


Best wishes, author and publisher of newspaper "Noe",

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