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This text with illustrations was published in some magazines and newspapers. Please, first read the entry of editorial staff:

“We would like to acquaint you with rather strange consideration of the esoteric writer, well-known in Georgia and Russia Givi Alaznis’Pireli. The basic content of the offered hypothesis consists of the following. He considers (see fig. 1): ‘A small dent is in one place of the white of an egg. And our Planet should have similar emptiness – this is the law of an ellipse and paradox. And for some reason this grandiose hollow is under the territory of Caucasus’”

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Once, when I came into the building of TV Company of “Stereo-1”, the president of broadcasting and one of his employees put me some questions in connection with Georgian oldest esoteric secret. That day the talk was about essence of the Earth. In particular, it appears there is a huge emptiness under Georgia, which involves the secret of not only real Babylon, but of all great Civilizations – Lemuria, Shambala, Atlantis... The more time passes, the more firmly I am convinced that we deal with a virtual nucleus of the Earth! By today real facts have been discovered to prove that the super Civilization, described in numerous spiritual texts and disappeared without any traces, is until now tabooed just in this underground chamber... (see illustration 2. Sacral area buried under Caucasus is represented approximately as such. It should only be taken into account that its dimensions, in relation to the Earth are considerably increased with the purpose of evident show of a huge tower of Babylon it involves. To complete press the cursor at attachment illustration). I shall specify the details...The texts of myths of various epochs inform us that in one of the concealed regions of the Earth, between two seas there existed forgotten underground world. I have even found out confirmation of this in preserved Old Georgian texts of the Bible of the IX, X and XII centuries that some time ago it was Eden. If we survey the legends, there are also hints noticed in them that at one time, under the earth, the parallel Civilization at the highest level of development was there, which appeared to be overfilled with water. Before that time people went down into this emptiness, but it happened till the world flood. Nowadays this mass of water is hot and is satiated with hydrogen sulfide. Just this is the main reason of so strong aggression of the population worldwide. Sulphuric mass (H2S) accumulated in this underground chamber under Caucasus is being increased at a catastrophic speed and approaching the surface of the earth. Nowadays strong hazardous radiation is coming out of it and it has very negative influence, first of all, on Georgia, on Caucasus, and later will be spread on other territories of the Planet and can touch all the mankind. Result is vividly seen: the world chaos; it also causes earthquakes. However, this phenomenon can be resisted.

But what is it that always keeps shining there, below, and what is the reason of a super Civilization? – Plasma of the first-rate quality! This is what we deal with: when the man dies, his soul leaves the body and slides along a long tunnel, at the end of which it is met with the superlight accumulated in huge space, and nobody wishes to leave this abode. It seems to me that in the antiquity the essence of the present underground chamber, the so-called the “below world” was known to Egyptians and within possible they drew the bottom sacral sun – “RA” (see illustration 3). I am already sure that in this figure not the ordinary sun is given. Proceeding from this, radiation and radius of a power cover of our region of the Earth should be a little bit large. If we could only look at our Planet from far distance, it is impossible not to notice: its aura above Caucasus is most dense, as it appears from an illustration (fig. 4).

As soon as I told about it, a young man in the cameraman’s room burst out laughing. I thought that it was his ironic attitude to my courageous and unusual statement.

– Mr. Pireli. I have just received an answer to the question till now being unanswerable. (“Mr. 'Pireli” – this is how Givi Alaznis'Pireli should be addressed.).

– What do you mean? – My interlocutor has formulated his strange answer. As he said, in the territory of Georgia especially on extensive space the high-frequency information signals are spread!

– What?! Excuse me... Are you joking? – I opened my case and took out my writing device. – To what extent is it true that the modern high-frequency equipment in our territory expresses its ability to transfer information at two and more times farther distance than in other places?

– Yes, it is so!

*       *       *

Ladies and gentlemen. What the reader learns now, leaves the limits of all the standards of thinking of the mankind. Only this fact is enough to attract attention of all the physicists of the present-day. So I talk with Giorgi Kalandadze and president of “Radio-1” Zurab Chelidze.

GIORGI KALANDADZE (senior teacher of the Tbilisi Technical University, Engineer – expert in high-frequency technologies. On the photo to the right from you. Illustration 5): – The modern high-frequency equipment has an allowable limit for spreading the information. It is established and determined. For example, in Russia, where the relief is plane, the possibility of distribution of signals of the similar equipment reaches approximately 40 km. It is the standard accepted in the world.

ZURAB CHELIDZE (Geophysicist by education, on the left of the photo). – Mr. Pireli, the talk is about relay lines, from which the high frequencies are distributed. With increase of masts the area of distribution of the information extends.

GIORGI KALANDADZE: – Let’s take the receivers of the same type, the transmitting devices of the same capacity. If this equipment has established at its production parameters of distribution of signals, let’s admit 40 kilometers... – it works the same in Ukraine, – then the area of work of the high-frequency transmitter of the same capacity in Georgia will appear wider. When it was fixed here at us for the first time, I was surprised and phoned to my Ukrainian partners working in the field of high-frequency technologies. I explained to them that I thought their instructions did not coincide with capacities of the equipment sent by them and that the mentioned units installed in Georgia exceeded recommended range of distances. For example, in the first case the signal was distributed from the mountain Tsivi up to city Lagodekhi, and the distance between them makes approximately 80 kilometers when allowable distance by the instruction should not exceed 40 kilometers. They, certainly, did not believe.

GIVI ALAZNIS'PIRELI: – Excuse me... but, can the reason of this be the height of mountains, on which the masts in Georgia are put? There are no such high mountains in Russia, are there...

ZURAB CHELIDZE: – I would like to give one more comment, Mr. Pireli: The talk concerns masts of such high-frequency lines of transfers, the supervision over which from the opposite to each other directions is necessary! Otherwise, if between them on the surface of the earth, natural obstacles are erected, for example, a high mountain, rocky mass or something else standing on the way and preventing, the signal cannot reach the parameters, laid in it because of fast weakening of the given frequencies. There is also another term: however high the mountain is, on which the mast stands, the signal nevertheless cannot be distributed to more than 40 km. Its wave cannot bend around something; it goes along the straight line, like a beam.

GIORGI KALANDADZE: – The formulas of the similar equipment work equally everywhere, both in Ukraine, and in the Baltic countries... But in Georgia something different takes place and our space is not subject to the instructions of installed units mentioned above, in particular, to the limit of 40 km.

GIVI ALAZNIS'PIRELI: – Personally I do not exclude that, if on the Earth exist, and this is fixed, geo-pathogenic regions with frequencies, denying fields, it is possible that within the area of the Tsiv-Gombori ridge, there acts, on the contrary, the activated flow of fields. Is there another case fixed?

– I shall give you another example: between two masts, installed in the mountains near Kojori and near Gudauri, the extent makes about 100 km. But, strange enough, the signals nevertheless cover this distance. And this means that the instructions of the founders of high-frequency installations in all cases are violated.

– Which other countries in the world produce such equipment?

– They are produced in Sweden, France... But all of them adhere to such standard: ratio of the limit of the standard is 40 km. And beyond the limit of each 40 km it is offered to install the next mast with the purpose of amplification of a signal. When we first addressed the colleagues with the message that from any mast on the territory of Georgia the information is distributed within the scale of 80-100 km, in the beginning nobody paid attention to it. They thought that somewhere in the interval another mast is hidden, and we simply joked. We did not know how to prove to them that any latent mast did not exist; its installation would need the large sum, thus with unclear purpose. It is possible to admit that the signal is distributed a bit farther, let’s admit within the limits of 45 km, but how can it be twice farther?! Actually on the Kojori-Gudauri section the limit of distribution of a signal is two and a half more than planned. At first we attributed this phenomenon to the air of Georgia, having assumed peculiarity of the atmosphere. What else can promote it, I do not know.

– Maybe, more powerful equipment is delivered to us, and we do not know about it...

– This is excluded! The equipment with the capacity of only 40 km is produced there.

– Let’s admit we have mounted similar masts in the territory of the USA...

– Small difference, surely, can be observed. For example, the distribution of a signal on 43-45 km is allowable, but 100 km capacity of masts-transmitters cannot be reached in America, this cannot be imagined! I shall tell more. The same equipment and masts in Georgia were mounted by Geocell. Turks were amazed, when we have installed on them 100 km links (relay lines. – Author). Not yet identified feature of the territory of Georgia destroys all available standards, but it is surprising enough that the mobile telephones work normally.

– Mr. Kalandadze! If we mount units with masts in the African desert of Sahara, will a signal, in your opinion, spread in the distance of 100 km?

– No, only on 40 km.

– Why has no one expressed serious interest in this question?

– I do not know, and who could have thought about it? We are technicians and worry more about how to save the expenses.

– Mr. Chelidze! Let’s admit the signal is really distributed to the distance of 80-100 km. What is the quality of transmission then?

– Imagine the quality is the same as within the limits of 40 km. And in our case the limit is fixed in 100 km. Proceeding from theoretical calculations, in our conditions the signal should not be distributed farther than 30-35 km, because both interconnected masts stand on high mountains, rather not far from the clouds. Despite this, their control device nevertheless fixed 100 km, which surprised the visitors.

– It is amazing! It turns out that in Georgia the transmission capacity for the information in Georgia is two and over higher than in any other region of the Earth?!

– It turns out so. But it was not managed to explain this phenomenon till now.

GIORGI KALANDADZE: – We have informed about it the producer one, two, three times... Eventually the experts from Ukraine arrived to Georgia and with special devices measured the distance between masts, from which they themselves transferred the signals. Till that time they supposed that, proceeding from the relief of Georgia, the signals were unable to overcome the distances of more than 35 km. When they sent a special signal from the vicinities of Kojori in direction to Gudauri with the purpose to establish the extent of the information sent from the mast in the form of a beam... – distance from a mast to a mast, from a mountain to a mountain is simultaneously measured – the phenomenon took place, which surprised them: their control device showed the distance, earlier fixed by us!

On returning home, the producers introduced changes into the instructions to the device specifying 100 km instead of 40 km limit and put on sale. But... when the units of the same capacity were installed in other countries, the masts failed to distribute the information within 100 km, the signal managed to cover the same initially given 40 km. The surprise was limitless! Up to now there is no explanation to that phenomenon which we come across with in Georgia and to what exclusiveness Georgian area possesses.

ZURAB CHELIDZE: – I, as a physicist, explain this phenomenon as follows: when we deal with the flat or crossed relief, in all cases there are distinctions meaning that... Let's look closely: impression appears as if in the mentioned case, the relay communication mounted on the territory of Georgia works better only because the masts are installed on rather high mountains. But it is known that the higher and closer to the clouds the mast is located, the more subject to damage it is, because the air is rarefied there and this rather prevents progress of action of information frequencies. Counteraction and resistance is higher there and the limit of action of a signal decreases.

– I would like again to appeal to Giorgi with such a question: did you personally work in other countries in the same direction and did you mount there high-frequency equipment with the similar data?

GIORGI KALANDADZE: – Yes, I worked in Ukraine. There is a company there, engaged in high-frequency technologies, and nowadays I am its representative in Georgia. I have worked in Ukraine for almost 7 years.

– Have you mounted such masts in this territory?

– Certainly, but everything there is according to the instruction and always corresponds the formula.

– It is approximately 100 km from Kojori to Gudauri. And what if there were 110, 120, or 130 km...

– I do not exclude that the signal will manage to overcome this, far enough distance.

– One more question: as far as I understand, we concern in our conversation the relay masts of such type, which transfer the information only by a straight line. Haven’t you come across the cases, when in the form of anomaly the signals of rather low frequency would reach the aura around us in town, in the village, in the building, in the neighborhood...? I mean at least signals of Geocell network.

– Here act other processes already. By the way, you now have put really interesting question in that plane – to what extent abnormal the signals directed to the mobile equipment are distributed in the space of Georgia. Quite a timely question! If we admit that the signals of such category are widely scattered around our space and the representatives of Geocell do not know about it yet, in this case their masts will penetrate us by the beams with the greater intensity. Probably, the intensity of super influence of their equipment and masts will appear above... I have not yet measured the parameters of their action. But, now I have remembered that Geocell came across cases, when it was amazing for them, why the signals, sent by them, are distributed to unusually large distance, but no convincing explanation of this phenomenon was found.

– Don’t your foreign colleagues wish to continue attempts for explaining these unclear processes?

– They explain them by the fact that in Georgia the atmosphere is rarefied, in connection with which we deal with some peculiar vacuum – your space almost approaches vacuum! – But, certainly, I cannot agree with them on this. And if it is really so, it still requires explanation of some kind. By the way, before I have heard from you this version of yours, I myself attributed this undoubted reality to rarefaction of our atmosphere. Though, as I am convinced now, larger and more latent natural phenomenon takes place here all the same. Really, it is amazing!

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