Oldest Georgian Three Original Alphabets.

To foreigners, who are interested ancient Civilizations. Please, see three our original alphabets, they are (from your left to right):
1) Oldest Georgian alphabet of Babylon;
2) Ancient Georgian alphabet, which is still is used but in our Christian churches only;
3) Georgian alphabet after Jesus Christ up to now.
NOTE: on illustration is the Swastika, but it is not given as a sign of Adolf Hitler. In oldest time Swastika was the symbol of so-called "Lower Sun" – plasma (Old Egyptian "RA"), which is available within our Planet today too. See about it here:
To the small nation to had three alphabets, it requires some sort of the reason why it so. Is not so it? For more information on your question, why we, Georgian people should have three original alphabets, the answer is here: 
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