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My name is Givi Alaznis’Pireli. I am Georgian popular esoteric writer, dealing with issues of oldest astronomy, metaphysics and modern physics. The results are surprising. If you are interested in the issues of ancient Civilizations, I think you have to know it. As amazing, about it knew Adolf Hitler.


great News about Hollow Earth, lost Civilizations and Old Egyptian sacral Sun “RA”. It is the first reason of strong earthquakes. Read the text carefully below, it is the News for reasonable scientists, to publishers and for mystics. Disclosed secret reason why the skulls of oldest people have been found on the territory of Republic of Georgia. These amazing threads were published of our Georgian, of Russian and of USA russian press since 1990 by me. In our capital City of Tbilisi were published four volumes of my book under name the "Greatest Discovery of the World" – “In the wake of the Bible” in 1994-2006, just five, and I, II, III volumes (in one book) was published in Moscow in 2002 aswell. I recommend you to publish this super sensation at your Country too. Please, read the annotation of my book and I promise you, your thinking will change:
“The Apostle John informs us that somewhere existing City appeared before him in vision. It was built on a very HIGH MOUNTAIN (see illustration) from gold and precious stones and as well as fenced gorgeously (from Bible: “Revelation of John”, chapter 21). But the Apostle withholds location of this mystic construction. From his text we also get to know, that this City does not need either sun or moon to illuminate itself, however, everything is always illuminated in it (21-23).
In connection with the fact that in spiritual texts this lost construction is named “Heavenly Jerusalem” (“Salem” according to the Old Testament), many theologians interpreted this postulate abstractly – if it is “Heavenly”, it must be in heaven, somewhere very far from us, even in another galaxy! Evidently that's why the sun and moon beams do not reach it. But in such event, according to the Bible, how Solomon the Sage built his wonderful temple next to “Heavenly Jerusalem”?!
The egg has a little dent in one point, this is a law of ellipse and paradox. However, our Planet also must have such cavity. For some reason this enormous dent is under the territory of the Caucasus. That conceals secret not only of real Jerusalem, but also of all the greatest Civilizations – Lemuria, Babylon, Mathura, Atlantis... The convincing facts are already found that prove that completely disappeared hyper-Civilization described by now in majority of the spiritual texts has a taboo exactly in this underground. It becomes understandable why a City of Zion is inaccessible for the sun or moon beams: this great underground space is covered by the earth of the Caucasus! Georgia, Armenia, part of Azerbaijan, south part of the Caucasus and one third of the Black Sea attached to Georgia is located above this cavity; north part of Turkey bordered upon our territory falls into this radius as well. But what shines eternally there, underneath, or what was a reason of underground super Civilization? The sacral sun “RA” – plasma of the highest quality! All text of offered work tells about essence of the parallel worlds”. So, the Hollow Earth Theory is truth.
If you find me a sponsor who will interested in this issue and will to publish up my book in your Country, I'll give you for present 50% of my financial gain (profit). It is the greatest sensation of the world and will be able to sell very large print run. Do not think for a long time, this is about $ millions!

Please, see more informations about underground Space of Caucasus on my website here: go back upstairs and click the cursor on the topic that interests you.

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